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Founded in 1954 and incorporated into Allied International Group in 2003, Tectubi Raccordi S.p.A. was the first Italian company to produce buttwelding pipe fittings for nuclear and thermal power plants, oil & gas pipelines, LNG plants, offshore platforms, and petrochemical plants. It is also the world-leading supplier of superpipes for nuclear applications.

Tectubi Raccordi S.p.A. Management, in reaffirming its own conviction that only through Quality measures is it possible to face market competitors, renews its commitment to satisfy the needs of each client in addition to contractual requirements, and to continual improvement of Quality Management System efficacy.

Management commits itself, continually, to guarantee:

  • respect for Client requirements;
  • respect for legislative requirements;
  • highest quality standards for all products;
  • facilities Innovation;
  • highest Client Satisfaction;
  • quality Management System Improvement;
  • determination of external and internal factors relevant to company-wide goals and strategic directions;
  • dissemination of the Quality Policy among all interested parties (via company bulletin boards and website).

To achieve these objectives, Tectubi Raccordi S.p.A. Management defines detailed indicators, through Management Review, for evaluation, measurement, and improvement planning.

Tectubi Raccordi S.p.A. in order to achieve each company-wide Quality objective, regularly analyzes internal and external factors in their context, annually monitors and evaluates internal and external risk factors along with all opportunities that may arise in addressing them.

It also recognizes that in order to meet the commitments and achieve aforementioned objectives, it is necessary to maintain an efficient activity regime developed specifically for this purpose and is designated the Quality Management System.

Management confers the duty on the Quality System Manager to oversee the application of and adherence to the Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001 standard and all sectoral requirements in which Tectubi Raccordi S.p.A. operates.

The Quality System Manager is the principal authority for all issues related to Quality, responsible to ensure that all necessary processes are in place, implemented, and kept up to date, to report on Quality Management System performance to executive directors, highlighting any areas requiring improvement while ensuring that all the company conducts itself with sufficient knowledge of and compliance with clients’ needs.

Quality, understood as the ability to satisfy the needs arising from clients’ and interested parties’ every requirement and expectation, is a shared commitment and pursuit to which Management dedicates itself.

Podenzano, May 2018

Valter Alberici

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