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Founded in 1954 and incorporated into the Allied International Group in 2003, Tectubi Raccordi S.p.A. was the first Italian company to produce butt weld fittings for oil & gas pipelines, nuclear and thermal power plants, LNG plants, offshore platforms and petrochemical plants. It is the world's leading supplier of superpipes for the nuclear industry.

The Top Management of Tectubi Raccordi S.p.A. has always been oriented towards achieving the highest levels of Quality, to maintain and consolidate its leadership in increasingly competitive and demanding markets, also recognizing the principles of nuclear safety as a company priority. To do this, the Company promotes a systematic approach to the development and maintenance of the Nuclear Safety Culture, considering the importance of individual behavior, the effectiveness of processes, the understanding of and respect for ethical-social values, and the performance of individuals within their respective roles, objectives and operational areas.

In confirming its mission to continually improve its quality management system, to maximize customer satisfaction, and to ensure that nuclear safety is not compromised by other priorities, Tectubi Raccordi S.p.A. is committed to constantly guaranteeing:

  • a strategic orientation consistent with medium to long-term objectives, corporate resources and exogenous factors and constant attention to the needs of stakeholders;
  • conformity with laws, standards and sector-specific regulations and observance of contracts entered into with customers and business partners;
  • conformity with the technical requirements of customers and the highest product quality standards;
  • the efficiency and innovation of plant, machinery and facilities and the effectiveness of operational processes;
  • the professional and managerial competence of all employees for continuous learning and improvement, striving to ensure that personnel are qualified and constantly updated at all organizational levels, including Nuclear Safety Culture issues, and that appropriate and ethical behavior is maintained within the company;
  • the effectiveness and awareness of decision-making processes, always assessing the consequences, with particular attention to worker and product safety and the possible consequences on nuclear safety;
  • the focus on ESG issues to pursue environmental, social and governance sustainability.

To achieve these objectives, Top the Management of Tectubi Raccordi S.p.A. defines, during the Management Review, all the necessary activities, including the definition of quality objectives, monitoring the internal/external factors of its context and assessing the risks and opportunities. The Quality Management System constitutes the guarantee instrument for the fulfilment of the commitments and the achievement of the objectives indicated above.

The Tectubi Raccordi S.p.A. Top Management assigns to the Quality System Manager the task of supervising the application and maintenance of the Quality Management System, in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard and with the objective of also complying with the requirements of ISO 19443 and those specific to the sectors in which the company operates.

The Quality System Manager also has the organizational independence and authority to manage all aspects of Nuclear Safety and Quality.

Quality, understood as the ability to effectively satisfy the requirements deriving from the demands and expectations of customers and all interested parties, represents an essential commitment of Tectubi Raccordi S.p.A. for which the Management, together with the entire organization, takes an active and responsible part, taking care of the dissemination of this policy to all interested parties in the manner deemed most appropriate.

Podenzano, 21/12/2023

Valter Alberici

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