Tectubi Raccordi at Framatome in St. Michel to celebrate the third anniversary of the Inspection Academy

On March 7, a special meeting was held at the Framatome site in Saint Marcel, France, to celebrate the third anniversary of the establishment of the Inspection Academy Framatome., aimed at training future inspectors who will play a crucial role in ensuring that nuclear products meet the required quality standards.
Tectubi Raccordi, which has been an active partner of this high-profile project since the beginning, was present with the quality manager Andrea Calatroni who, during the day, presented his company to the students of the academy, highlighting its activities, organization and experience that make Tectubi "a world leader in the production of fittings for the nuclear sector", focusing on the characteristics of the production processes and on the methods of control of processes and products.
The meeting opened with speeches by Framatome director Stephane Reinhard, CEO Bernard Fontana and other company executives as well as representatives of the project's partner companies, including Tectubi Raccordi, which was publicly thanked for its support of the initiative. The most recurrent word among the various speakers was "passion", that passion for work that the Inspection Academy has always tried to inculcate in its students.
This was the third participation of Tectubi Raccordi in the Inspection Academy after those of Calatroni himself in 2023 and Greta Alberici and Pietro Francesconi in 2022.

In the pictures:
- Some of the speakers at the meeting. From left to right: Stéphane Reinhard, current Director of the Inspection Academy, Bernard Fontana, CEO of Framatome, Eric Laurent, Director in pectore of the Inspection Academy, Emmanuel Bertran De Balanda, Director of Quality at Framatome and Andrea Calatroni, Quality Manager at Tectubi Raccordi.
- Participants in a meeting session.
- The director of the Inspection Academy Stéphane Reinhard (right) with Andrea Calatroni during the presentation of Tectubi Raccordi to the students.
- Framatome CEO Bernard Fontana's celebratory speech.
- A class of Inspection Academy students during a lesson.

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