On page 1 you can find the original Tectubi Raccordi venue in Podenzano and the other plants in the Piacenza province.

On page 2 you can see the “bending division” (Carbonara Scrivia), the “welded pipes division” (Schio) and the Chinese plant in Tianjin.

On page 3, there is an overview of the new plant in Castel San Giovanni.

TECTUBI RACCORDI - Podenzano, Piacenza, Italy - (area sq m)
Open: 35,000
Covered: 24,000
Total area: 59,000

TECTUBI RACCORDI - Castel San Giovanni, Piacenza, Italy - (area sq m)
Open: 255,000
Covered: 33,000
Total area: 288,000

TECTUBI RACCORDI - Calendasco, Piacenza, Italy - (area sq m)
Open: 4,000
Covered: 4,800
Total area: 8,800
TECTUBI TIANJIN FITTINGS - Tianjin, China - (area sq m)
Open: 33,000
Covered: 35,000
Total area: 68,000
TECTUBI RACCORDI Bending Division - Alessandria, Italy - (area sq m)
Open: 22,500
Covered: 27,500
Total area: 50,000
GIEMINOX TECTUBI RACCORDI Welded Pipes Division - Schio, Vicenza, Italy - (area sq m)
Open: 28,000
Covered: 13,000
Total area: 41,000
Summary of Tectubi Raccordi - (area sq m)
Open: 349,500
Covered: 124,300
Total area: 473,800


This plant, built in recent years, is situated in Castel San Giovanni, Piacenza, Italy, and occupies an area of 251,000 sqm. It is dedicated to the production of seamless and welded mandrel elbows in carbon and alloy steel up to 56”, reducing elbows up to 24” and all kinds of large size fittings up to 120” with a yearly capacity of 30,000 tonnes.

A mandrel machine, with a length of 66.5 mt, width of 7 mt. and the max. working force of 1,800 tonnes, is aimed at increasing production capacity by 60%. Unique in Europe, and probably in the world, this machine is able to deform a tube of 13 meters and to produce elbows with a diameter up to 56” and a wall thickness of 2”, with a heating capacity of 850° for 11.5 tonnes of material per hour.

The factory is conceived on industrial development, environmental protection and enhancement of the local community, accompanied by constant research and innovation.

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